After a damning report from the World Anti-Doping Agency, the Russian Olympic team has suffered another scandal when gymnast Tatiania Zangief was accused of doping shortly before Rio. Tatiana denied the allegations, then grabbed a member of the testing committee and performed a spinning piledriver on him.

Tatiana Zangief is favored in several gymnastic events, including the floor exercise in which she’s the only gymnast in the world to do the “spinning blizzard” – a move involving jumping thirty feet in the air while performing fifty-two consecutive twists. In last year’s world championships, Zangief was awarded a ten for her floor performance by five of the six judges. The other judge was mysteriously killed.

The Russian Sports Ministry has taken issue with the report about Tatiana, and claims that she is “big for her age.” (Tatiana is fourteen.) If Tatiana is banned from this year’s Olympics, she will return to her old job as a lumberjack in Taiga Forest.

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