Apparently tired of dealing with the same question hundreds of times every single day, the Golden State Warriors today launched an iPhone app to handle Steph Curry injury inquiries. Check out the press release below!

The Golden State Warriors today proudly launched a mobile iPhone application, a free interactive tool that allows fans and media members to inquire about the progress of Steph Curry’s injury recovery, all without leaving the convenience of your own phone.

“We’re always looking for ways to save our fans time,” said Joe Lacob, owner of the Warriors and a venture capitalist from Silicon Valley. “The Steph Curry Injury Update app allows fans—along with media members and any other curious observers—to get their question answered without having to involve a member of our team.”

The app, which includes multi-touch and swipe-ready capabilities, allows users to choose from a list of potential Steph Curry injury questions, or to type in their own. The app then sends an answer to your email account.

Currently, the answer to every question is “He’s getting better, but probably won’t play in the next game.”

About Golden State Warriors: the Golden State Warriors are a basketball team and the defending champions of the National Basketball Association. Headquartered in Oakland, Calif., the Warriors employ 12 basketball players.

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