The Warriors have hired former Cavaliers coach Mike Brown in a move sure to pay dividends if the team encounters LeBron James and the Cavaliers again in next year’s NBA Finals. Owner Joe Lacob has expressed hope that Brown will “help stop LeBron from reaching his goals, much like he did in Cleveland from 2005 until 2010.”

Brown has been named head coach Steve Kerr’s “Special Assistant In Limiting LeBron”, and will apply his preferred LeBron limitation tactics, including slowing down the Cavaliers’ offense and giving extended minutes to Jamario Moon.


“I don’t know where Jamario is these days,” Brown said. “But I’ll find him. And I’ll find a way to put him on the court with LeBron.”

The Warriors have also announced that they have offered David Blatt a job as the “Special Assistant To The Special Assistant In Limiting LeBron.”

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