After suffering their first loss at Oracle Arena in 14 months, the Golden State Warriors came together to support one another, talk about their feelings, and listen to Grammy Award winning artist Enya.

“I told the guys right after the game, I want to see everyone at my house in the morning,” said coach Steve Kerr. “We’re gonna head down to the rumpus room, flip on ‘Only Time,’ and let some of these feelings out. How else are the guys supposed to move on from the end of a streak like we just had? Only Enya can ease this pain.”

The Warriors, a very tight knit group and extremely coachable, embraced the exercise. Enya’s signature multi-track vocals and grand sound provided a perfect backdrop as each Warrior took his turn explaining how the loss made him feel. Draymond Green, known to wear his emotions on his sleeve, seemed particularly moved.

“Man, I was losing it while ‘Cursum Perficio’ was on and Shaun [Livingston] was talking about all the streak had meant to him,” said a teary-eyed Green. “But then everyone had said what they needed to say, and Coach put on ‘Orinoco Flow’—you know, that one that’s like ‘sail away, sail away, sail away’—and that’s when I knew everything was going to be ok.”

“It’s uplifting music,” added Green before breaking down once again.

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