Warriors coach Steve Kerr and assistant coach Luke Walton took their Improv 101 skills to the next level when they jointly accepted Kerr’s NBA Coach of the Year Award by alternating one word a time.

“Thank,” began Kerr.

“You,” continued Walton.

“So,” noted Kerr.

“Much,” added Walton.

“For,” mentioned Kerr.

“This,” mused Walton.

“Tremendous,” stated Kerr.

“Fart!” exclaimed Walton, to tremendous laughter.

Buds. (Getty)

Buds. (Getty)

The speech lasted 40 minutes, covering nearly five sentences of gratitude toward to the players, other members of the coaching staff, the Warriors ownership, and of course, their legions of fans.

“73,” said Kerr.

“Wins,” elaborated Walton.

“Wasn’t,” suggested Kerr.

“Easy,” allowed Walton.

“But,” expressed Kerr.

“We,” continued Walton.

“Were,” mentioned Kerr.

“Able,” enthused Walton.

“To,” added Kerr.

“Barf!” shouted Walton, a comment met with glee by the assembled press.

We can't play sports*, but we can make jokes about them!

*Two of our writers hit a home run** once
**It was in a video game.