At the final press conference before Villanova’s Final Four game against Oklahoma, head coach Jay Wright announced that his team will attempt to defend Sooners sharpshooter Buddy Hield by asking him really nicely to stop making so many shots.

Villanova players have spent all week honing their lateral quickness, defensive communication, and canned phrases they believe will convince Hield to go easy on them, such as “Buddy, we worked so hard to get here” and “please, no, my whole family’s watching!”

Villanova head coach Jay Wright trying out a few lines (Getty)

Villanova head coach Jay Wright trying out a few lines (Getty)

Wright revealed that Villanova’s verbal plea approach has worked previously in tournament, having effectively shut down geriatric Kansas forward Perry Ellis by asking him “not to dampen the thrills of our youth.”

“It’s possible that this approach won’t work as well against Buddy Hield, though,” Wright conceded. “He certainly won’t hear our pleas if he yet again goes completely unconscious.”

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