Kevin Durant may be the NBA’s newest villain after all. The Warriors star was seen double-parking outside local favorite bakery Nothing Bundt Cakes in Walnut Creek.

Nothing Bundt Cakes regular Janet Hoffman was forced to wait outside her car for a full five minutes before Durant returned and moved his car – at which point he offered no apology at all.

“There’s an open space literally right across the street,” said Hoffman, incensed. “It’s strange. Almost like he wants people to dislike him.”

The double park job is already causing outrage throughout the NBA.

“Listen, Kevin joining the Warriors very well may end up being bad for the league. Or, it may be good – we just don’t know yet. But double parking? That’s bad for society, man. Just a dick move, through and through,” said commissioner Adam Silver.

“I didn’t know he was gonna do that,” added Russell Westbrook. “I feel blindsided. Couldn’t he have at least called me to let me know that he was going to block Janet in?”

When pressed for comment, Durant started to apologize, before stopping himself and knocking over this reporter’s drink.

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