The Minnesota Vikings are off to a 5-0 start in huge part due to the heroics of quarterback Sam Bradford who replaced injured Teddy Bridgewater. As a reward, head coach Mike Zimmer let Sam Bradford ride with his head out of the window. “I know it’s a little dangerous,” said Coach Zimmer. “But it makes him so happy. I can’t say no.”

Receiver Adam Thielen said everyone on the team gets something out of seeing Bradford with his head out the window. “Sam’s just smiling and having so much fun. It really reminds the whole team to appreciate this moment and celebrate the little things.” The Vikings is Bradford’s third team in six years, but he seems to have finally found a home in Minnesota. “In Philadelphia, I was never allowed the stick my head out of the SEPTA. Trust me, I tried,” explained Bradford.

Some teammates, however, are concerned. Cordarrelle Patterson said “Sam could get something in his eye. When Sam gets an owie he’s doesn’t always act like a big boy, and our offense really depends on him. But, yeah, it’s super cute. I get it.”

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