Despite losing Teddy Bridgewater to a torn ACL this week, the Minnesota Vikings remain optimistic in their offense, stating, “As long as Adrian Peterson can kick and throw, as well as run really really well, we’ll be fine.”

“There’s no denying that this is now a quarterback league,” said Vikings’ head coach Mike Zimmer. “We’re just going to get Adrian to, kind of, do both, pass and run. Oh, also kick. He’s going to need to kick, too. Maybe a little defense, as well. That, plus some play-calling. But, that’s all.”

This won’t be the first time Peterson has had to essentially put the team on his back, having led the NFL in rushing in both 2012 and 2015, two seasons that saw the Vikings make the wildcard round of the playoffs (a game in which the Vikings lost in 2015 due to a missed field goal — thus Peterson’s new kicking responsibilities).

Although with Peterson now 31 years old, an age when many NFL running back’s bones disintegrate, the Vikings may be putting all their eggs in a relatively old, and extremely brittle basket.

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