Following the lead of his longtime friend LeBron James, Anderson Varejão has thrown his hat into the political ring by backing both major party candidates. That way, he figures, he will be on the winning team no matter what happens this November.

“I don’t know much about American politics,” said the Brazilian veteran. “But I really want another ring. You get a ring if you endorse the winning candidate, right?”

Varejão became the first NBA player in history to have played for two different teams during the season when they both met in the Finals. And while the Cavs took home their first title last season, he is taking no chances this year.

“I’m hoping to get traded to 29 different teams this year,” Varejão said. “Every team except the 76ers. They don’t have a prayer.”

Speaking of not having a prayer, Varejão just endorsed Jill Stein to be safe.


UPDATE: You do not win a ring for endorsing the winning candidate.

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