As the Houston Texans continue struggling through what has been, at best, an up-and-down season, one uplifting story has buoyed the Houston fans. The franchise has donated more than 70 million dollars in relief to the Osweiler Disaster.

“It was the least we could do,” said Texans owner Bob McNair. “Just a terrible, terrible tragedy. I’m glad we could help.”

The Texans are not the first NFL team to donate tens of millions to natural disasters. The Washington Redskins generously donated nearly 20 million to the Jeff George Catastrophe, while the then-St. Louis Rams pledged a guaranteed sum of nearly 50 million to the Sam Bradford Debacle. That last one is actually particularly odd, given that the eponymous Bradford is now receiving quite a reasonable amount of money despite causing almost no carnage in his new region.

As the people of Houston struggle to pick up the pieces in the wake of the Osweiler Disaster, at least they can sleep at night knowing that this is how the team they cheer for chooses to dispense its league-capped budget.

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