As the University of Connecticut women’s basketball program makes its march toward yet another NCAA title, the team has developed a unique, energy-saving approach that, at least so far, has proven to be quite successful.

“Before each game, we kind of all cluster together and step to whoever we’re playing that game,” explained head coach Geno Auriemma. “And then [sophomore forward] Katie [Lou Samuelson] just says ‘What!’ and opens her arms, and kind of bobs her head aggressively at the opponents. And the rest of us stand there and look tough.”


Throughout the lead up to the tournament and the opening rounds, this strategy has allowed UConn to maintain an undefeated record, while expending very little effort. However, the vaunted team is still keeping sharp on the court.

“Once the other puny team starts running the other direction, we generally hold a scrimmage among ourselves,” said freshman guard Crystal Dangerfield. “It’s good prep for when we’re all in the WNBA in a few months.”

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