The University of Connecticut women’s basketball team won its fourth consecutive national championship, thanks to some timely, clutch shots made down the stretch of the opening few minutes of the game.

“The game was on the line there, when it was 0-0 for a while, and then 1-0 for a stretch,” noted head coach Geno Auriemma after the game. “But this team knows how to fight and get it done when it matters.”

UConn's raucous late first quarter celebration (Getty)

UConn’s raucous late first quarter celebration (Getty)

UConn was able to stretch their advantage to 9-0 on a Kia Nurse jump shot three minutes into the game, with the lead quickly ballooning to 23-6 on a clutch free throw by Moriah Jefferson.

Syracuse did use a last-gasp rally to close to a 14-point deficit with with 32 minutes of game time remaining, but UConn was able to quell the effort with stifling defense and tough outside shooting.

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