With reports that Republican nominee Donald Trump will tap Indiana Governor Mike Pence to be his running mate, observers from around the political and sports worlds have begun to investigate: is Mike Pence the father of Giants outfielder Hunter Pence?

Opinions differ. Those who think the two Pences are unrelated point out that the Indiana governor’s web page does not mention Hunter, although it does not mention any family members so it’s unclear what conclusions can be drawn from that.

Meanwhile those who posit that they are related, point out that Hunter Pence has an unusual throwing motion and the governor does too, although that could be the governor’s lack of baseball experience.

Meanwhile, a poll of 100 casual observers of politics and sports found that 54% feel the two Pences are father and son.

Is this man related to reported Donald Trump running mate Mike Pence? There's no way to know. (Getty)

Is this man related to reported Donald Trump running mate Mike Pence? There’s no way to know. (Getty)

“I don’t know, could be, I guess,” said Tom Hilsoe, one such casual observer.

The National Association for Father-Son Relationships, a DC-based non-profit that advocates for strong father-son bonds, said that if the Pences are related, Mike Pence has a duty to be a frequent presence in Hunter Pence’s life. The group added that if Mike Pence is not Hunter’s father, then he has no such obligation.

Neither the governor nor the outfielder were immediately available for comment.

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