Billionaire presidential hopeful Donald Trump inducted UFC president Dana White into the exclusive “Billionaire A-Hole Club” at a private ceremony over taco bowls at Trump Tower Grill.

“We’ve wanted him in this group for a long time, but he wasn’t a true B-Man,” said Redskins owner Dan Snyder. “However, once he pulled that crap about making Conor McGregor stop training so he could film a bunch of dumb promos in Vegas, we knew he was a shoo-in.”

White had previously been nothing more than a hard-working UFC president worth mere hundreds of millions of dollars. But in the months leading up to the unprecedented $4 billion sale of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, White upped his a-hole credentials with a series of increasingly controlling measures to make sure his hard-working fighters could not earn maximum money.

For his tremendous work as a true Billionaire A-Hole, White was hugged by Donald Sterling and the Koch Brothers, and given the home address of every mean internet commenter so he can royally mess with their taxes.

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