After turning in a tremendous effort in the British Open, only to finish in second place – the 11th of his career – Phil Mickelson announced he will be golfing righty from now on.

The Duel at High Troon, as it is being referred to, was the final straw for Mickelson, who also happens to be second place on the all-time “2nd place major finishes” list.

“A wise man once said ‘the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results,’” said Mickelson. “I’ve been playing lefty for so long, and I definitely feel like I’m losing my mind, so might as well switch it up.”

Mickelson, a 25-year pro, clearly has the support of the golfing community behind him during his transition, although his bid to become the sport’s first ever switch-hitter came up just short, as Jordan Spieth announced a similar switch just minutes before Mickelson.

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