Former Heisman-winning football player, Tim Tebow, has just made history in another sport, by being the first person in baseball history to throw an interception.

Tebow made his historic play during his first workout with the minor-league St. Lucie Mets, who happen to practice next to a high school football field.

On what should have been a routine throw to the infield from Tebow’s position in right field, the former quarterback spun around and hurled the baseball into the nearby football field where it was caught by 16 year old Port St. Lucie High junior varsity cornerback, Jason Flowers.

“There’s baseball players, and then there’s once-in-a-lifetime athletes. Then there’s Tim Tebow, who’s right smack in the middle,” said the St. Lucie Mets General Manager Paul Taglieri. “Watching that kid play baseball is…frustrating as hell. But, dammit, if it ain’t interesting.”

Sources within the Mets organization have said the team plans to commemorate Tebow’s historic play by either retiring his jersey, or cutting him from the team.

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