Spurs legend Tim Duncan recently contacted the editors of Wikipedia after noticing inflated totals in his career points and rebounds, as well as the number of times his team won the NBA Finals.

“I appreciated that they thought I had won seven rings,” chuckled Duncan. “But I’m really proud of the five we really did win. I’d hate to take anything away from the accomplishments of the NBA players who bested us those years.”

In addition to the numerical amendments, Duncan requested several stylistic changes as well.


“The article said that I “led” the team to the Finals in ’99, ’03, ’05, ’07, and ’13, but honestly, there were so many leaders on those squads, coaches and players,” Duncan noted. “It takes many leaders to accomplish your goals.”

Duncan did laud the editors for their accuracy and attention to detail regarding other aspects of his life and career. “They really nailed it,” said Duncan of the objective and truthful prose. “I teared up when I read about how I averaged 25 points per game as a high school senior. That was just a really moving tribute, and I thank you.”

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