Superstar Dodgers pitcher Zack Greinke was offered free subway and bus rides for life in exchange for re-signing with the Dodgers. This is not the first time an athlete was offered an interesting transportation clause.

5. In exchange for his $5 million contract with Under Armour, Michael Phelps is on 24-hour standby to tow executives’ stalled yachts into shore.


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4. Joe DiMaggio had it written into his contract that if he got drunk in St. Louis and rode the Budweiser Clydesdales around town, people couldn’t get mad at him.


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3. For all speaking engagements, Tony Hawk demands that all nearby sidewalks have “sweet curbage for maximum grindage.”


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2. Roberto Baggio had a private bathroom inside the Popemobile.


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1. Clayton Kershaw now refuses to pitch unless Bronson Arroyo plays guitar on the front of his car like that dude from Mad Max: Fury Road. Negotiations are pending.



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