After tweaking his hamstring while playing for the Browns, WR/QB/CB/linebacker/punter Terrelle Pryor is putting his rehabilitation into the hands of the top physical therapist in the country, Terrelle Pryor.

“As soon as [Browns team physician] Dr. Pryor told me the news, I called up Terrelle’s Cab Company and rode straight to Terrelle Pryor’s office,” said Terrelle Pryor. “Hopefully, things will get better soon. My fortune teller Terrelle Pryor seems to think so.”

Pryor reports that his first therapy session with Pryor was a tremendous success, crediting Pryor with tremendous preparation and incredible versatility.

“But I want to make sure to send a shout out to the amazing support staff, especially Terrelle Pryor and Kordell Stewart,” Pryor added.

“Please get better soon,” said beleaguered head coach Hue Jackson. “I really don’t want to play quarterback myself behind that o-line.”

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