Tim Tebow is already down to business with strictly baseball related activities for the Mets. Yesterday, a shirtless Tebow wrestled Mr. Met in a pool of Jell-O in what could only be described as definitely not a publicity stunt.

“Not everyone may know this, but all players in our system Jell-O wrestle Mr. Met at some point. You are just happening to hear about it this time because of Tim’s high profile,” said Mets GM Sandy Alderson, shifty-eyed. “I can assure you this was strictly a baseball driven decision.”

The Mets have been adamant that they are intrigued by Tebow’s baseball potential and not simply his potential to sell tickets. They have to be feeling good about at least one of those potentials after Tebow easily pinned Mr. Met in the pit of Jell-O in under a minute.

“Cross sport training is never a bad thing,” said a Jell-O covered Tebow after the bout. “Some guys do ballet, yoga, or pilates. Jell-O wrestling is really no different. I think this will definitely help me on the diamond.”

The Mets have many other non-publicity stunt events involving Tebow on the slate for the upcoming minor league season including a Tebow dunk tank, Tebow pie eating contest, and launching Tebow out of a cannon.

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