On the heels of the “Famous”-Snapchat spat, Taylor Swift has reportedly hired Laker D’Angelo Russell to perform counter-surveillance on Kanye West.

On Sunday, West’s wife Kim Kardashian Snapchatted a recording of a conversation between Kanye and Swift that purports to show that the pop singer approved controversial lyrics in his song “Famous”, which she later criticized. Swift today rebuked the confidential recording and hired Russell, a Lakers point guard and mainstay in LA’s Snapchat-based Espionage scene, to perform her own surveillance.

Lakers point guard D'Angelo Russell has  made a name for himself in LA's espionage scene. (Getty)

Lakers point guard D’Angelo Russell has made a name for himself in LA’s espionage scene. (Getty)

“As an LA celebrity, Russell occasionally encounters Kim and Kanye in social settings and with his iPhone and his always-active Snapchat, he will be an enormous asset to Tay,” said one inside source.

Since establishing his reputation for surveillance, Russell has reportedly done work for some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, including Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Garner and Kelly Rippa.

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