Has swimming’s most notorious rebel gone too far? Sun Yang, the maniacal Chinese swimmer with a penchant for splashing opponents, totally just peed in the pool.

“Oh goddamnit Yang,” South African swimmer Chad le Clos was heard screaming shortly after the pair competed in a semifinal. “It’s warm! I can feel your pee. I can see your pee! Stop, dude.”

“What, you don’t pee in the pool?” Yang was heard saying in a gross and inflammatory response. “This pool is probably full of pee. Who cares!”


Sun Yang, still peeing in the pool (Getty)

The IOC is investigating Yang’s history of pool-peeing, which may extend to past Olympic events and other social gatherings in which peeing in the pool is totally weird and uncool.

“The splashing, we were able to overlook. The past doping suspensions remain in the past. But peeing in the pool?” said IOC president Thomas Bach. “No way, man. Not in my Olympics.”

We can't play sports*, but we can make jokes about them!

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