Deeming his team’s disastrous fake punt a “learning experience,” Colts coach Chuck Pagano insisted Monday morning that his revolutionary one-man offensive line can work.

NFL teams typically employ a five-man offensive line that features a center, two guards, and two tackles. This set has been utilized by every NFL team on nearly every down of every game of every season for the last six decades. But Pagano would not be deterred.

“Honestly, it almost worked,” said Pagano, after watching four Patriots players gang-tackle helplessly unprotected running back Colt Anderson. “Our goal was to gain three yards, and we lost one. So really, we were only 12 feet from our goal.”

“We just need to find a center that can block five guys,” Pagano added.

Quarterback Andrew Luck was quoted as saying that he was “not stoked” about his coach’s innovative tactics, but that he was admittedly intrigued to hear about Pagano’s new plays featuring eight- and nine-receiver sets.

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