Weary of the daily grind and scrutiny that has come from his team’s pursuit of an NBA-record 73 wins, Warriors coach Steve Kerr has finally relented, offering to rest his star players during the first round of the Western Conference playoffs.

“These guys have been under a microscope day in and day out — they deserve a little R and R,” Kerr said. “So as soon as we wrap up that 73rd win, they’re getting four or five days on the couch.”

Warriors stars Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green are among the players who will be on the bench for Golden State’s inevitable destruction of the Utah Jazz, Houston Rockets, or Dallas Mavericks.

Kerr can't wait to give these guys a break (Getty)

Kerr can’t wait to give these guys a break (Getty)

“Unless, of course, Steph just wants to pop in and jack up 80 threes, which I would have no problem with,” Kerr added.

The Warriors will be at full strength for the remainder of its regular season schedule because, according to a team spokesperson, “last I checked we already have rings from last year, and records are dope as hell.”

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