Steph Curry has reportedly changed his mind, and will participate in this summer’s Rio Olympics. Sources say the change of heart that is reportedly due to Charizard sightings on Pokémon GO in Rio de Janeiro.

“Originally it didn’t make sense for me to head to the Olympics — I wanted to rest and was concerned for my health — but when I heard I might be able to catch a wild Charizard, well, I knew it’d be foolish to pass up the opportunity,” said Curry. “Plus all I can find here in the Bay Area are Magikarp.”

To those unaware of the newly released augmented-reality Pokémon game, Curry’s decision may seem imprudent, but fellow athletes have been quick to back up the NBA MVP.

“A Charizard…wow. That’s sort of a big deal” tweeted Ryan Lochte. “Admittedly I tend to prefer water-type Pokémon… but I value Charizard’s prestige.”

“I’m very excited to have Steph on the team,” said Team USA coach Mike Krzyzewski. “I figure that I can help him hone his basketball skills, and he can help me level up my Bulbasaur.”

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