According to internet pornography giant Pornhub, the phrase “Steph Curry Highlights” is now the fourth-most popular search for users looking to watch some erotically satisfying content.

“We consider ourselves a progressive organization that caters to all manner of fantasies and desires,” said Pornhub executive Charlotte Costa. “If people want to watch Steph hit some sweet swishes at three in the morning, we’ll work hard to increase our content for those customers.”

Phrases such as “Steph Curry Long Bombs” and “Steph Curry Halfcourt” respectively placed 11th and 13th in the newly-released rankings.

Curry is not the first athlete to crack the top-ten in Pornhub’s ratings. “Clayton Kershaw Curveball” and “Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary” both skyrocketed toward the top during various times in 2015.

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