With their backs against the wall, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich stressed the importance of outplaying the Oklahoma City Thunder on the basketball court, and the fashion runway.

“When you look great, you play great — that’s simple science,” Popovich said after a recent, unexpected loss. “Westbrook looks dope as dope can be. And his stat line reflects that.”

Style. Grace. Denim. (Getty)

Style. Grace. Denim. (Getty)

To combat the impressive sartorial spectacle displayed by the star Thunder guard, the Spurs have commissioned renowned designers such as Fendi, Givenchy, and Gronkowski to create custom looks for their star players.

“If [Tim] Duncan was left to his own devices, he’d wear the same, reliable sweater and khakis combo every single day,” Popovich noted. “But when you’re in a must-win situation, you jazz it up. It’s what you do.”

Spurs stars Tony Parker and Kawhi Leonard have embraced the wardrobe changes, while reserve center Boban Marjanovic has publicly declared a “war on Western excess.”

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