LiAngelo Ball’s recently announced signature shoe is closer to a release date than previously indicated, according to a source close to Big Baller Brand who has confirmed that the ‘Gelo 3s’ are just some Skechers LiAngelo shoplifted from a Payless Shoe Store.

“The ‘production phase’ of the Gelo 3s is complete, since these shoes were technically produced before it was even decided that LiAngelo would need a signature shoe,” said the source. “They’ve also been shipped to the Big Baller Brand headquarters, by way of LiAngelo’s sweatpants.”


The source stressed that the initial release of the Gelo 3s would be limited, due to the fact that LiAngelo was only able to smuggle seven pairs of Skechers before he was discovered by mall security guards.

“Fortunately,” noted the source, “Seven pairs far exceeds our most optimistic sales goals. And that’s including the five pairs LaVar will buy.”

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