The musical chairs of the NBA’s free agency revealed one more shocking departure as Riley Curry recently signed with the Westbrook family.

“It’s important for me to find an opportunity that encourages my evolution as a child, and family member of a scrappy, yet loveable family,” began Riley’s email, which was typed by her assistant and then forwarded across the entire Curry family network. “With that in mind I have decided that I am going to join the Westbrook family.”

Riley’s mother and father both expressed regret over their daughter’s choice and wished her well on social media: “SADDDDDDD!!!! SO saddddddd! We truly loved Riley, but families grow, change and get on with another life. Forever, for always, your parents we will be. FOREVER!”

Reps for Curry have confirmed that the one-year deal includes an unlimited amount of adorable headbands and hairclips.

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