With his older brother Steph occupied with the NBA Finals, younger brother Seth Curry is excited to have the family’s sole Xbox all to himself for at least one more night.

Being a professional basketball player himself, Seth Curry knows how difficult it is to finish off a team once they’ve built up momentum. But as a younger brother, he also knows how difficult it is to get Xbox playing time when your older brother is around. So, while he’s still rooting for a Warriors championship, he’s hoping to see the series go the full seven games.

“I love my brother and I wish him success, but I’d be lying if I said I want him to come home tomorrow night” said Seth, as he accidentally maneuvered a drug kingpin’s helicopter into a ferris wheel while playing Grand Theft Auto 5. “Steph always wants to play NBA 2k16 as himself, working on his handle and improving his jumper. It’s like, we get it, you love basketball.”

Hoping to improve the overall morale of his family and possibly motivate his youngest child, Dell Curry, father to Steph and Seth, has promised to get Seth an Xbox of his own if he wins back-to-back MVP honors.

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