In a performance that announced he was ready for NBA stardom outside of his brother’s shadow and inside his brother’s old Davidson warm-up shirt, Sacramento Kings guard Seth Curry scored an impressive 20 points to lead his team to victory.

Seth, whose wardrobe has consisted almost entirely of Steph’s hand-me-downs since childhood, looked remarkably agile despite wearing Steph’s old Nikes from high school.

"Seth, you ever gonna bring my bike back?" (Getty)

“Seth, you ever gonna bring my bike back?” (Getty)

“I used to complain to my mom that I never got my own clothes, but then I noticed how much better I shot whenever I wore Steph’s hand-me-downs,” Seth said after the game. “So now I just kind of re-use everything from Steph. I eat his leftovers, wear his mouth-guard, re-tweet his sub-tweets, take his daughter to press conferences – say hi, Riley! – and clearly, it’s working out great for me.”

Seth then ended the press conference and drove off in a Mercedes that appeared remarkably similar to the one Steph had recently reported stolen.

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