Quentin Tarantino, one of the most visionary directors of the last generation, revealed this week that he had secretly been working on his latest film, McGregor/Diaz: Vol. 2, which debuted this past weekend to a massive audience response.

“I’ve done interesting things with blood and gore in the past, from having Tim Roth dying of a bullet-wound for the entire length of Reservoir Dogs to straight-up covering Jennifer Jason Leigh’s face with blood for the entire length of The Hateful Eight,” Tarantino said. “I really wanted to do something different this time around, but with just as much blood and gore for the entire length of the film.”

Tarantino spent over six years developing the script, which included overly-dramatic and contrived press conferences, combined with stylized insult wars on Facebook, Twitter, and various news outlets.

“What makes a movie a movie? Is it the fact that you can see it in theaters? Or is it the drama and storytelling?” asked Tarantino. “I didn’t want people to watch this movie. I wanted them to experience the shit out of it, while totally unaware that it was a scripted piece of cinema featuring two tremendous actors.”

Tarantino’s rumored next project is called Unbeetible Champyuns, a gritty, year-long, real-life movie about the Golden State Warriors.

McGregor/Diaz: Vol. 2 is available on iTunes or as a set of 534 DVDs covering the 11-month lead-up to the fight and the bout itself.

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