The morning after striking out a record-tying 20 batters in one game, Max Scherzer awoke Thursday to find Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson and Kerry Wood standing over him, creepily watching him sleep.

The three retired pitchers are the only others to reach the 20 strikeout milestone and came to welcome Scherzer to the club, although the Nationals pitcher seemed unnerved that they entered his house without consent and watched him sleep for an undisclosed number of hours.

“It doesn’t matter how we got in his house, it is the custom of The 20 Club to give a new member an immediate welcoming ceremony,” Johnson said, eerily. “It’s an exclusive club and Max is such a special man. So, so special.”

Club activities for Thursday include a welcoming breakfast, smoking cigars in a remote cabin, and lots of time “hanging out in bathrobes”.

Scherzer said he’s happy to join the exclusive club, although seemed unnerved to find out that Clemens, Johnson and Wood appeared to be settling in for an extended stay at his house.

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