Kevin Garnett, researcher for the popular NPR podcast ‘Serial,’ has been let go for repeated HR infractions, including browbeating unpaid interns, banging his head against studio walls, and screaming “anything is possible!” during staff meetings.

“You can’t treat people like that — one of those interns was Ira [Glass]’s nephew,” said Serial host and creator Sarah Koenig. “He really got us fired up before big recording sessions, but he just started taking too much off the table this season. Good rebounder, though.”

NPR has always managed to develop new podcasting talent, while bringing in veteran producers to serve as mentors. Occasionally, these often conflicting dynamics have caused friction in the office.

Garnett's fiery persona does not translate well to the workplace. (Getty)

Garnett’s fiery persona does not translate well to the workplace. (Getty)

“Everyone remembers when Terry Gross smashed a beer bottle and threatened a receptionist with the shards, for forgetting to forward a voicemail or something,” recalled Koenig.

“And who can forget when Dee Dee Bridgewater threw a snare drum at a PA’s head because her coffee wasn’t from the part of Costa Rica that she likes,” added Koenig with a shudder.

Kevin Garnett is an amateur podcasting enthusiast who has earned $343.4 million playing basketball in the National Basketball Association.

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