In another blow to an already frustrating season, Cowboys teammates are refusing to let injured quarterback Tony Romo in on the squad’s very popular “that’s so Romo” inside joke.

Running back Ezekiel Elliott apparently described a moment during practice as “so Romo,” eliciting large laughs from everyone, including coaches, in earshot. Romo was in physical therapy at the time, however, and was unable to piece together what had preceded the hilarious barb.

“Does being ‘so Romo’ mean that you’re injured? Or that you’re old? Or that you’re, like, a lame goofy guy?” wondered an increasingly agitated Romo. “I have a sense of humor. I’m not mad. I just want to know what the joke is.”

The inside joke has become so omnipresent that Romo is now reluctant to spend time with his young, exciting team.

“I’ll walk into the locker room, and everyone will be laughing and having a good time,” said a still-hopeful Romo. “But then they’ll see me and get all quiet, and be like ‘oh, hey Tony, we were just talking about… uh… this Key and Peele sketch.’ It’s not convincing at all.”

Team owner Jerry Jones overheard Romo griping to a reporter this, and said that the line of questioning was “epic Romo-ing.” The ensuing belly laughs from everyone in the area reverberated throughout AT&T Stadium.

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