Celebrated swimmer and American sweetheart Ryan Lochte was recently seen taking laps in the challenging rapids of the Amazon river, or it’s possible that he was merely avoiding a ravenous alligator.

Photographic evidence has surfaced which indeed shows the talented Lochte — initially seen happily practicing the breaststroke — transitioning into a panicked freestyle inches ahead of a similarly-gifted reptile.

“I knew he was heading down to Brazil early to work on his form in the Amazon, so I’m not totally surprised,” said Missy Franklin, a fellow member of the USA Swimming team. “We’ve done laps together in the Mississippi, he loves it. Hope he’s okay.”

Lochte took the time to comment on the reports earlier today on his popular Snapchat account.

“The rumors are pretty annoying — I wasn’t being chased by an alligator,” said Lochte, visibly annoyed and damp. “It was a black caiman, which is in the same family but a totally separate genus.”

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