Drawing on his extensive experience recovering from various injuries, Derrick Rose has lent recently injured teammate Jimmy Butler his complete collection of Dune science fiction novels.

“It may feel like an uphill climb at first, but once you get midway through 1984’s The Heretics of Dune, you’ll be tearing through all four Preludes to Dune and all five Legends of Dune books in no time,” Rose told Butler while handing over a duct-taped cardboard box stuffed with the entire Dune, Game of Thrones, and Magic Treehouse series.

Rose has also lent Butler his seven favorite jigsaw puzzles and a Chia pet. When Butler tried to explain to Rose that his knee injury would likely only sideline him for a month or so, Rose reportedly scoffed, and told Butler to let him know when he’s ready to “dive into Infinite Jest.

Per recent reports, Butler’s recovery is now expected to take months longer than expected due to his recent infection with “bookworm”.

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