Padraig O’Flannigan, the roommate and best friend of Conor McGregor, confirmed today that the UFC star has been pretty much intolerable since his victory over Jose Aldo.

“He has been microwaving his food in 13 second increments,” said O’Flannigan, looking exasperated. “And he keeps asking me if I want to hold the championship belt and then saying ‘too bad.’”

O’Flannigan assumed that McGregor would eventually wear himself out after a day or so, but the celebration seems to have only intensified. He admitted that he didn’t know how much more he could take.

“This morning, I found him in the living room wearing only the belt, blasting Queen’s ‘We are the Champions.’ Except he was singing ‘I am the champion.’ As if that wasn’t abundantly clear by now,” said the roommate, reddening in the face a bit. “He’s like the Irish Kanye. It’s horrible.”


At press time, O’Flannigan had decided to go to a hotel for a few days after McGregor suggested they rewatch the fight for the 5,129th time.

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