Now that’s a veteran move.

Injured quarterback Tony Romo showed the young members of the Dallas Cowboys this week that being hurt should never keep you from staying involved with your team. Romo took over all the duties of Mike McCord, the team’s former equipment director.

“When I got injured, I promised myself I wouldn’t be one of those guys who just spends his rehab time watching game film or examining opponents’ playbooks in order find inefficiencies that we might be able to exploit or attending physical therapy,” Romo said. “I knew I could actually use that time productively.”

Romo is now responsible for washing the pads, organizing the jock straps, and laying out each player’s uniforms before all practices and games. McCord has been “impressed” with Romo’s work ethic these first few days.

UPDATE: Romo’s spine has split into 10 pieces after he reached for a towel that was on the floor.

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