As the 2016 season gets underway, the Colorado Rockies are prepared for yet another six months of adversely affecting the postseason hopes of other franchises.

“Games in April count just as much as ones in September. It’s crucial we play well now if we want any shot at another team not making the playoffs,” said manager Walt Weiss.

The players are also relishing the spoiler role, believing they finally have something to play for this year.

Carlos just wants to inspire. (Getty)

Carlos just wants to inspire. (Getty)

“Growing up in Venezuela, I always dreamed of stepping up to the plate in a game that meant so little to my team’s playoff chances and so much to our opponents,” right fielder Carlos Gonzalez said. “And I hope that by making those dreams a reality this season, I will inspire some young man in Maracaibo to someday do the same.”

With so many games left, Weiss has said his team will explore various methods of spoiling, either by beating teams outright, or failing to beat a contender’s closest rivals.

“We control our own destiny… of determining which fanbases we want to piss off. That’s a good spot to be in,” reiterated an optimistic Weiss.

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