The Houston Rockets have begun their search for their next head coach, and GM Daryl Morey says they will be emphasizing candidates with a strong background in child psychiatry.

The Rockets’ season this year was plagued by a lack of chemistry and effort from their starters. After interim coach JB Bickerstaff withdrew his name from consideration yesterday, Morey began reaching out to psychiatrists, child social services coordinators, and others who might be able to get through to their troubled stars.

“We need someone who can get these two immature sulkers to work together,” said Morey, referring to James Harden and Dwight Howard. “Basketball guys just don’t know how to do that. We need someone who knows how to access a child’s mind.”

Harden in one of his "timeouts". (Getty)

Harden in one of his “timeouts”. (Getty)

Morey said candidates with PhD-level experience in the fields of child psychiatry or psychology should apply, regardless of level of basketball knowledge.

“These players, sometimes they make me so mad I can’t even think,” explained Morey, rubbing his temple. “Once all the whining stops, we can figure out the basketball stuff.”

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