The NBA Finals may be winding down, but Cavs journeyman forward Richard Jefferson is just getting started. “I played against Dell. I’m playing against Steph. And, one day I’ll play against Riley Curry, as well,” said Jefferson.

Almost through his 15th season, the ageless swingman’s NBA career is already three-times longer than the league average. But, that hasn’t stopped him from predicting a few more decades on the court for himself, where he will not only see the NBA become an inter-gender league, but also matchup with a third generation of Curry basketball players: Steph’s daughter Riley.

“When I was in San Antonio I paid a lot of attention to how Tim Duncan took care of himself,” recounted Jefferson during a pregame interview. “With the workout regimen I’m on now, I see no reason why I can’t play another 5, 10, maybe 25 years.”

“You know, it’s one thing for Jefferson to talk trash to me. Players do that all the time,” said Steph Curry. “But, he keeps sending these passive-aggressive letters to Riley, being like ‘I’ll see you out there soon enough,’ and always signing them ‘Father Time.’ It’s just kind of weird.”

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