After the Washington Redskins used their franchise tag on starting quarterback Kirk Cousins earlier this week, soon-to-be-released quarterback Robert Griffin III has accepted a franchise tag of his own, courtesy of an Arlington, Virginia area Subway.

Griffin will now be bound to the sandwich chain’s Arlington franchise for one year, in which he will be paid a fully guaranteed salary as a brand ambassador.

“A franchise tag is always a watershed moment in any player’s career. It’s evident to me how much I mean to this Subway franchise, and I could not be more proud,” said Griffin, tearing up.

Locals reported seeing Griffin standing in the local Subway’s parking lot, smiling and waving.

“I think he should be free to seek opportunities with other sandwich franchises, or at least a Panda Express,” said one onlooker. “But then again, dude’s getting paid. Good for him, you know?”

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