The shakeup in Buffalo continues. After parting ways with his offensive coordinator earlier in the week, Rex Ryan fired the football for not scoring enough touchdowns.

“This is my move, without question,” began Ryan at a press conference to address the firing. “What will we use for a ball now? There are plenty of other balls out there. I think the guys are excited for a change.”

These footballs are no longer welcome in Buffalo.

These footballs are no longer welcome in Buffalo.

Many have criticized Ryan for scapegoating after the Bills have started 0-2 with Ryan’s defense looking porous. Ryan, however, contended that he thought the latest change would help his quarterback, and that he was excited to see how his players responded to a baseball or a tennis ball. Not everyone was so optimistic.

“I think the stress of an 0-2 start might be getting to coach a little bit,” said Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor. “Cuz, like, it’s not really the football’s fault, you feel me? It’s more on us as players to put the ball in the endzone.”

Everyone at the organization is hoping for a turnaround, though. Bills firings this season include Greg Roman, the football, and Ryan’s lap band.

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