As he wrapped up his unprecedented third-consecutive Olympics as the unquestioned World’s Fastest Man, Usain Bolt took the time to offer thoughtful individual advice to the other competitors during the 10-second race.

“Yohan Blake, you’ve been my dear friend and training partner, and I wouldn’t be the man I am without you,” Bolt said, a nostalgic tear forming in his eye. “The mantle of Jamaican sprinters is yours now. I know you won’t let me, or our country, down.”

Blake nodded appreciatively, acknowledging that the kind words gave him the strength to finish the race.

“Justin Gatlin, you just keep doing you, man,” added Bolt, as he took the lead at the 60-meter mark. “You’re one of the most talented runners the world has ever seen, and your ability to stay focused despite being surrounded by negativity has always been an inspiration to me.”

Bolt continued down the line, offering mentorship and helpful critiques of his opponents’ running form. Because of Bolt’s generous support, all seven racers tied for the silver medal, only 2.5 seconds behind the champion.

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