Newly emerging details indicate that Tony Romo’s back injury was not, in fact, caused by a tackle by Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril, and that the hit only re-aggravated an injury that Romo had suffered while giving Cowboys owner Jerry Jones a piggyback ride earlier in the day.

Jones, whose hands-on, feet-wrapped-around-waist style of ownership has made waves in the past, more typically asks for piggyback rides from offensive and defensive linemen, citing their ability to “go higher and faster like way up in the sky!”

However, sources say that Jones got “a little too excited” to see his franchise quarterback back in action, and hopped on for a ride without notice, shattering Romo’s vertebrae.

“Jerry’s just got to understand that he’s a big kid now,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett told the press in a teaching moment. “Tony’s body is Tony’s body, not Jerry’s, and he has to learn to ask for piggyback rides.”

Jones, sitting in Garrett’s lap at the presser, tried to fight through tears and apologize, but ended up putting the microphone in his mouth like a binky instead.

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