The Atlanta Hawks have signed Dwight Howard to a deal worth $70M over three years with 60% of the contract to be paid by the next two teams Howard plays for.

This deal seems to make a lot of sense for the Hawks who almost certainly can count on Howard becoming disaffected and ineffectual within a year of joining the franchise and will need to move him—and his contract— elsewhere.

“We are thrilled we were able to work with the next two teams that will be saddled with this weight to get this deal done,” said Hawks GM Wes Wilcox. “A guy this talented needs to get paid, but he’s so toxic it really creates a difficult situation for the league.”

The other two teams in the deal were not revealed but a quote from an anonymous source addressed the landmark deal.

“Let’s just say the other two teams recognized they will be in position to make a panic move and sign Dwight to big money in the next year or two,” said the source, anonymously. “This way, by acknowledging that fact, all the teams involved can mitigate the financial burden and risk.”

At press time, the Hawks looked fully ready to embrace their brief Howard era as Al Horford prepared to depart.

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