The Redskins’ annual Quarterbacks-Only Sleepover is proceeding awkwardly, team sources say, after yesterday’s decision to start Kirk Cousins over Robert Griffin III.

The pre-season slumber party has long been a way for Washington signal-callers to bond, share jokes about life under center, and pig out on snacks. However, sources say a despondent RG3 declined to play Snuggle Bug, and at one point, Griffin even left the basement entirely to sit alone in the kitchen.

When third-string quarterback Colt McCoy floated the idea of making prank play calls, RG3 demurred, reportedly responding, “Man, I’m just here to sleep.”

Despite the poor timing of this year’s sleepover, Redskins head coach Jay Gruden has no intention of canceling any upcoming events, such as the Linebackers Pajama Party or Special Teams S’mores Outing.

The sleepover marks the team’s most awkward moment since 2006, when Mark Brunell and Jason Campbell gave each other the silent treatment during the Quarterback Carpool.

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