Building on the success of a promotion earlier this year that allowed fans to bring their dog to the ballpark, the Reds today debuted a new promotion permitting their own players to bring their pets onto the field with them during a day game with the Phillies.

“Today’s promotion allows our players to enjoy the game without having to leave their furry friends at home,” the Reds said in a press release. “The Reds organization’s top priority is that our ballpark is a place of fun—for fans and players alike.”

Reds officials said the promotion so far has been a success, citing a boost in attendance, increased attention on social media, and Jay Bruce’s dog impeding Ryan Howard from fielding what would have been an easy grounder.

Given the initial success, the Reds are rumored to be exploring other promotions—including a Bring Your Son To Your At-Bat Day and Ladies Night, a game when female fans get in free and also get to make all roster decisions.

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